Starting the Mix

Where's the best place to start your mix?

Learn how to jumpstart your mix by developing your own mix templates that set you up for success. Mike will teach you how to best use your sub-mixes, buses and groups to make your drum mixes faster and easier to navigate, allowing you to unleash your full creativity, and employ powerful, advanced techniques with minimum effort.

Kick and Snare

Do you want a powerful kick and snare sound?

Learn key strategies for getting the most out of your kick and snare drums. These are the very foundation of a modern drum sound, and arguably, the entire mix.

Mike Major will teach you tips, tricks and techniques for effectively using compression, EQ, parallel processing, saturation, effects and more to make your kicks and snares cut through the mix with increased impact, while enhancing the groove—and ultimately, the emotional experience for your listener.

Overheads and Room Mics

Learn how to craft a larger than life drum sound

Overheads and room mics are critical for establishing a sense of space and manipulating the perceived size of your drum sound. Learn how to use your overheads and room mics to tie your whole drum kit together, achieving a cohesive sound while maintaining punch and enhancing the impact of your close mics.

Creating Ambience

Learn how to use reverb like a pro

In module 4, you’ll learn about a wide variety of time-based effects for mixing drums, and will discover how to decide what kind of reverb will work best for the drum mix at hand. Find out how to seamlessly integrate your time-based effects with your natural room sound to create an exciting, realistic, evocative ambience.


Uncover the secrets to great-sounding toms

You'll learn the pro-level EQ strategies that will make your toms clear and powerful. Discover the best techniques for setting noise gates to work perfectly every time, and how to tame resonances that cause unwanted frequency buildup in your toms that could otherwise destroy your drum mix.

Final Drum Tweaks

Fine tune your drum mix

In module 6, we'll evaluate the complete drum mix and show you effective ways to make some overall tone and balance adjustments while fine-tuning the nuances to finalize a mix for a great-sounding drum kit that works well with the rest of your mix.

Ready to take your mixes to the next level?

Whether you’re new to mixing drums, or an experienced mixer looking to pick up new tricks and experience some serious breakthroughs, this course is for you. Get ready to learn a clear method for getting better sounding drums faster and more reliably than ever before.

  • Create a powerful, exciting and memorable drum mix
  • Use compression to manipulate shape, tone and dynamics
  • Master drum EQ to enhance the tone as well as fix problematic frequencies
  • Creatively apply time-based effects to create a larger than life sound
  • Discover advanced techniques for getting a punchy in-your-face drum sound
  • Learn effective buss compression strategies for a cohesive drum mix

Choose the one that will help you the most


Core Videos (3+ Hours)


Core Videos (3+ Hours)
Recording Drums eBook
DAW Templates
WAV Multitracks

Mike Major is a recoding engineer/mixer/producer based in Dunedin, FL who has been recording since 1987. He has had the good fortune of working with At the Drive-In, Sparta, Coheed and Cambria, Davenport Cabinet, As Tall as Lions, The March Divide, New Language and hundreds of other artists.

Mike was the manager and engineer at Rosewood Studio in El Paso TX for 18 years and now works out of his home studio, Mike's Mix Room.

Mike also spent 16 years as a live sound front-of-house technician for South Coast Audio in El Paso, TX.

Mike is the author of the book Recording Drums: The Complete Guide, which was published by Cengage in 2013. This book is available exclusively through Mike's website.

He is also a frequent contributor to

No specific hardware or software is necessary for this course. The techniques and strategies Mike teaches will apply to all major DAWs and plugins.

The music is guitar-driven, melodic hard rock with acoustic drums. The concepts, techniques and strategies mike teaches will transcend any specific genre and apply to all types of music and drums.

The Pro Tools Session “Clownage-The Game-Full PT session” is the exact session from the Video Series. It is the mix in progress and as I complete other parts of the mix I will share the updated sessions with anyone who purchases “The Method to the Mix”.

The Nuendo session Labeled “Clownage-The Game-Full Mix in Nuendo 8” is a full mix of the song in Nuendo. It has some other plugins and choices (because of the different platforms) but it's a full mix of the song. It is also compatible with Cubase.

Mike Major Nuendo Mix Template” is a full template for how I start most mixes in Nunendo and "Mike Major Pro Tools Mix Template” is a full template for how I start most mixes in Pro Tools.

Feel free to build your own mixes starting with my full mix template including plugins, effects, routing and master buss processing.

There is also a folder with the 44.1khz/24 bit audio files to “The Game” by Clownage, so you can create your own mixes from scratch.

Yep! With the Mix and Master Bundle you can get a private Skype mix “coaching” session with Mike. He will also evaluate one mix and offer constructive critiques of your mix to help you gain a better understanding of how to improve your mixes and mixing skills.

The Recording Drums eBook is a PDF of Mike’s popular book "Recording Drums: The Complete Guide”. This 400 page book leads you through the sometimes complex and often misunderstood art of recording drums.

Yep! We're confident you're going to love this course and see a drastic improvement in your mixing skills, but if for any reason you're not satisfied, shoot us an email and we'll refund your money.

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